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68.6 :: ‘keep this bag away from children #2’ by various

'keep this bag away from children #2' by various // keep this bag away from children, 2012(?)


more poems in here than


don’t think i ever read the #1 issue


the cover has

a house with paint chips

loads of paint chips

bring some dip

& a scraper

i’ll use some figurative language, b/c i’ll pick a few pieces off and pop’em in but i won’t eat the whole thing

that’s a way of saying, i read, some not all of these pieces

i read the melissa broder one — good

the noah cicero one—‘your family’— freaked me out—clever ending

erik stinson — ‘american microcelebrity’ — may be my favorite sometimes-literary-always-copywriter working today, i feel a very ‘strong’ personal connection very concerned about the state of American communication, always

maggie lee — ‘trying our best is not the best we can do and we know it’— blew this one ‘out’ eat every paint chip she offers you, even if it kills you, you will be satisfied

do you know this mike bushnell? try this ‘just elsewhere explosions’

'i throw a knife through a person shaped balloon the / string drop to the ground I do not have an alibi there are / no drones to intercept I feel the heat I sweat through'

there’s more where that came from, if i’m having an inauguration & for some reason someone said this is ‘for real’ like ‘be serious’ but have ‘fun’ with it, you know one of those ‘events,’ and i get to have poet, i’m choosing mike bushnell

generally like andrew james weatherhead — ‘thank you notes’ — he has a bball player as his avatar on twitter, or he did at one time, nice, these are short bursts of lines, very ‘narrative’ someone give this man a chapbook and let him fill it

oh man the thing keeps getting better, as it goes, here’s peterbd — ‘that old b**ch in apartment 26’ very well told, there are some lowercase letters, this is the sad selfishness of the single life, very sad, ‘very’ good story, bro

idk those are the stories / things i ‘enjoyed’

seems like ‘1/2’ but whose counting (SOUNDS LIKE AN EXCUSE FOR PPL THAT DON’T WANT TO COUNT)

i would probably buy KTBAFC again, i guess

the layout in here doesn’t seem very ‘sophisticated’ i don’t really know if that’s ‘intentional’ or not etc, it reads like my high school lit journal and i should know b/c i poorly edited my high school lit journal, idk it’s the content, right, it’s the content, i can hope the layout gets better/more interesting

but then here are ppl putting money behind interesting ‘alternative literature’ so there & there & there what are ya doing, stop buying world of warcraft coins, just stop it