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85.3 :: ‘illuminati girl gang vol. 2’ by various

'illuminati girl gang vol 2' by various // ed. by gabby gabby illuminati girl gang, 2012


cant remember if i read the 1st illuminati girl gang, seems like probably yes in some capacity

the visual art in this one was good, especially the collage pieces, the rip-out ones, 

(Emma Dajska // Christine Brache)

the ‘construction’ works ‘down’ the page

faded print


the collection of ‘talent’ seems broad, seems wide

somewhat ‘well-known’ ppl like roxane gay & xTx

to the lesser known

cassandra troyan's 'people don't actually want to make decisions' really wanted this to continue to 'rhyme' the off-rhymes (is that right?) or non-intentional rhymes ('briquettes'/'neck') were joyous, mobbed i'm missing the pattern, this all seemed like freestyle, pls record this song

maggie lee hehehehe friendship 

'so i will support them while they figure themselves out'

what a load to ‘bear’ 

liked the tone, yeah


luna miguel's translated from spanish 'waking up in raval boulevard' meditation on meat and excrement, let's celebrate spilled milk, exciting images of life existing

liked the word play of hilary gardiner's 'birds over the bridge,' definitely want to read more of this, keep writing

mira gonzalez' 'i have never been more sorry' inspirational & repetitive, this is the format im really 'into' right now, let's go with the repetition and loosely joined phrases,

will keep it limber and ‘flexible’ 

thankks gabby gabby this seems like perhaps one of the best ‘projects’ going on in alt lit, high level of ‘excellence’ and ‘variety’