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82.0 :: ‘i am ready to die a violent death’ by heiko julien

i am ready to die a violent death' by heiko julien // self-published, 2012


w/ his title Heiko Julién ‘prepares’ us for something ‘dark’

his intro ‘prepares’ us for something ‘humorous’

'playfully' 'dark'

'You know how dogs arent really smling, theyre just panting? And they dont really kiss  you, they just lick your face because they like salt? a lot of things are like that. i am like  that'


Heiko disregards most punctuation through this e-book

he does not ‘heighten’ the ‘language’

to make it more ‘poetic’

Heiko exhibits a ‘self-conscious’ sincerity 

this e-book ‘explores’ the contemporary American ‘climate’

a ‘Fast Food Wedding’ where the ‘preacher wears the drive thru headset’

does Heiko ‘try too hard’?

he ‘integrates’ ‘history’ into his ‘chapters’ (poems?)

'the native americans used to use every part of the buffalo / including the pink slime'


this e-book is ‘pop culture heavy’

seems ‘rife’ with ‘relatable’ content

seems ‘relatable’ to those who ‘grew up’ in the 90s

to those involved in the ‘Internet community’


Heiko seems ‘good’ at ‘surprise’

'good' at 'blending' surface-based images / content w/ 'sincerity'

'you can see a lot of Rare Vids of Young Dudes hanging out at home and doing    funny voices if you search Just Chillin on youtube. go ahead and try this and    maybe then you will learn how to love without needing to receive anything in    return'


Heiko writes like a ‘child’ w/ an ‘adult’ consciousness

an ‘adolescent’ who has already read philosophy then burned the pages he read

or a really old kid who has found an odd form of Zen Buddhism

'one time I went to see xmen first class and did deep breathing exercises the entre    movie. when it was over, was like Wow That Was a Good Movie'


his ‘chapters’ have the ‘brevity’ that Twitter breeds

the ‘pithiness’

the ‘cleverness’ / directness


sometimes I wonder what contemporary Western ‘literature’ would be

without cinema & television

Heiko starts ‘chapter 12’ w/

'culture began and ended when the butch kid from home improvement had that bowl cut  ponytail hairstyle for a while. it began when he got the haircut and ended when he cut it'

& ends this chapter w/

'i can imagine in a certain sense it would be really exciting and interesting to be attacked  by a shark in open water, but this is only because ive seen too much television

so now  you maybe are starting to get a sense of how serious all of this actually is’

is he ‘saying’ that it’s ‘tragic’ that he can’t escape his ‘television-consciousness’?


the last chapter, ‘chapter 20’

is ‘given’ as a sort of dialogue between ‘Heiko Julién’ & ‘Ricki Lake’

it begins w/ ‘existential discourse’ abt how ‘nothing really matters’ & how that ‘makes [him] strong’

kind of like a ‘boosting’ bit

& then a list of things ‘Heiko’ has ‘realized’

then ‘Ricki Lake’ saying

'you are drawing energy from the void'

then Heiko responding: