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100.00 :: ‘i am my own betrayal’ by guillaume morissette

'i am my own betrayal' by guillaume morissette // maison kasini, 2012


i read this book like all wk

in my kitchen

in a chair

in a whirlwind

in yr arms

as you ‘cradled’ your copy

b/c you read it too

b/c you know this, you’re already living yr lief

and we’re living together

in ‘interconnected’ random tweets

in nonsensical tech jobs

in sad giraffes wearing hats in society’s favorite apps


subversion is inside company walls

where you steal tea packets

and make sad giraffes

and re-arrange furniture

b/c you need to do something, yeah


'i want to scorn you and ridicule you. i just can't think of any good lines' — from 'banhood'


try on some anxiety of influence in 

'i don't know what a poem is but it's not preventing me from writing poems'

but see

here it goes :: we’re not anxious

we’re pounding out confidence

we’re reconstructing this lit thing

we’re building it up

it’s in our image

"and what the mumbling poet wants to express the most

is something clever and perceptive, using stupid terms,

but poetry can only be written at work

because of the constant interruptions”

the literary structures of the past

have made everyone watch TV


"i really like working with embarrassment or sadness or disenchantment or things like that, and just try to get it in there, somehow. it’s more challenging and fun and inspiring and better." — from ‘and how they all fell to and speedily devoured the muskallonge that had eaten the carp’


what is this

when you get all of our meaning

from the desolation and isolation

ppl used to be inspired by beauty

and goodness

but all those values have been

robbed by hollow coca-cola cans

and so we’re left alone

to figure it out 



begins with an easy structure

with many compound sentences

that roll rather than pulverize

only to reveal

that we all have hidden agendas

and unexpressed thoughts

that would be awkward if they were 

said aloud :: “severely handicapped samosa”

it reminds me of that ben lerner book

'leaving the atocha station'

in that complicated emotions

are gently expressed

'oh shit everyone here

is commodifying themselves, and I don’t have

a business model.’