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editor :: j. spilker

curator :: stephen michael mcdowell

stephen michael mcdowell curates mammalhabitat3050,  & the ::CONFIDENTIAL:: spreecast


chase kersey

chase kersey blogs at iwantyoutohurt.me and tweets at @poetic_hugs_

matthew sherling

Matthew Sherling lives in San Francisco, where he likes to create things. He runs the inter-view // re-view blog CuttySpot & the e-magazine Gesture. Among other places, his work appears or is upcoming in The Columbia Review, The Believer, Thought Catalog, Fanzine, BIRP!, NAP, Have U Seen My Whale, Upliterature & Banango Lit. He released a mini-chapbook called [WHAT] in April 2012.

austin islam

austin islam, born 1991, currently lives in fort worth, TX — enjoys writing, reading, punk and rap music.
he released a chapbook in 2012, “LIFT & OTHER NOISE” (www.scribd.com/doc/94469139/LIFT-OTHER-NOISE) and has appeared in numerous online litzines, including Meat Confetti, Shabby Doll House, Have U Seen My Whale, Moire, and Bravehost Poetry Review.
he is 1 of 3 hosts of the weekly “Spacedads Open Mic” (spacedads.us) (@spacedads).
he blogs at austincharcoal.tumblr.com and tweets as @austincharcoal.

chris dankland

dom schwab

dom schwab is a reader/writer/reviewer of poetry/prose. he lives in chicago. he is on facebook, his handle for his blogger/tumblr accounts is ‘anxiouslollygagging’, and his twitter is @domschwab

hannah fantana

hannah is a seventeen year old writer/internet coquette from the san diego area.
she interns for muumuu house and writes for mammal
elzavanarsdale at gmail dot com // @sadderall // yungnarcissist.tumblr.com // www.mammalhabitat.com/p/author-page-hannah-van-arsdale.html