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'breaking news'

 the founder of IAAL is ‘retiring’

founder joshspilker has finally ‘found’ some1 to give this thing to

he’s giving it to rachelpattycake b/c she keeps ‘asking’ abt it

he just changed all of the passsswords

he is making rachel ‘promise’ that if she sells IAAL for $1million dollars or ‘something’ to an established media company looking for ‘authentic street cred’ that she must give joshspilker part of the ‘profits’

u are all witnesses

joshspilker also just downloaded the IAAL twitters file b/c he wrote most of them basically & may create 'status update lit' history, idk

josh says ’thankks for the memories & all of the ‘interacts”

josh says ‘special thankks to matthew sherling, stephen michael mcdowell, austin islam & chris dankkland’

josh says ‘not sure what to do w/ iamnotaltlit

josh says ‘does any1 remember when we had frank hinton on the short-lived web series ‘iaal: confidential’ we would’ve made bradlisti proud’

josh says ‘wish spreecastx wouldn’t have ‘kicked us off’ & wish netflix would’ve picked us ‘up”

josh says ‘does any1 remember when i gave peterbd’s book a 100.0’

josh says ‘visit my website at 222.joshspilker.calm

josh says ‘does any1 remember stephenmichaelmcdowell asking questions to kitty pryde’

josh says ‘does any1 remember when we ggave HUSMW a ‘zero”

josh says ‘does any1 remember anything’

thoughts on ‘you’re not much use to anyone’ by david shapiro


'you're not much use to anyone' by david shapiro // houghton mifflin/new harvest amazon, 2k14

review by josh spilker

finished reading this book, a hardcover version from the library and turned it over, it said $25 or higher in Canada

was immediately like, ‘i would not pay $25 or higher for this book except in very few circumstances’

circumstances that came to mind include:

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thoughts on ‘walls’ by andrew duncan worthington

'walls' by andrew duncan worthington // civil coping mechanisms, 2k14

andrew duncan worthington’s internet presence

thoughts by josh spilker

seems like andrew sent me this book, then i read it over the course of a month or so

this book reminded me of guillaume’s ‘new tab’, adam wilson’s ‘flatscreen’ and the beginning of benjamin lytal’s ‘map of tulsa’ 

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thoughts on ‘witch piss’ by sam pink

'witch piss' by sam pink // lazy fascist press, 2k13

sam pink’s internet presence

thoughts by josh spilker

seems like i have read ‘several’ sam pink things and poems etc, rlly only remember ‘person’ some of ‘rontel’ and some of ‘no hellos diet’

so rlly i’m going off ‘person’

when all of THIS blows over, i think sam pink will be left standing in a more important position than we’re currently giving him credit for


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thoughts on ‘you can make anything sad’ by spencer madsen

'you can make anything sad' by spencer madsen // publishing genius, 2014

spencer’s internet presence

thoughts by josh spilker

seems like i remember watching spencer ride his book in a promo for ‘a million bears’ and the video got ‘RT’d’ by steve roggenbuck mebbe and i remember thinking ‘wonder if i can get a million bears for free’ and i think i did


pretty sure i read that but don’t remember too much abt it, felt generally ‘impressed’ by it and i think i ended up asking spencer abt where to print books in the pre-sorry house days

that was about 1 email i think


pretty sure ‘amb’ was poetry, but i don’t want to call YCMAS ‘poetry’ tho some have defined it that way, seems instead like ‘random access memories’


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thoughts on ‘new tab’ by guillaume morissette

'new tab' by guillaume morissette // vehicule press, 2k14

guillaume’s internet presence

thoughts by josh spilker

seems like any1 who writes a longform fiction prose novel in this scene should automatically be in the ’90s’ or something but i’m not going to give this a score this time for reasons i dont want to get into (((AND FER REASONSS WE DON’T WANT 2 HEAR)))

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